The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight

There are many research that shows different statistical studies of many different things like:

How many people prefer to stand than sit on a bus.

How many people prefer to drink tea instead of coffee.

The percentages of men and women crying over sad movies.

These are just some examples of research and studies that most people dwell on.

But, there is one research that has not been confirmed just yet.

The statistics of love at first sight.



Seventeen year old Hadley Sullivan’s day couldn’t just get any better.  First, she had a fight with her mom on her way to the airport. Second, she misses her flight by 4 minutes (4 minutes!) to London and third, she has to call her dad to inform him that she’ll be late for his wedding which is held in London. Tomorrow. The same wedding that she had been dreaded for months.  Hadley’s head ache just thinking about it. She never wanted to be apart of it. In fact, she never want anything to do with it.

So, now she’s stuck for 3 hours while waiting for the next flight that will fly her to London. She’s stuck sitting between a snoring man, a rude old lady and a british boy sitting across with crumbs on his shirt.

In a span of 24 hours what could possibly happen?

Can a short encounter change everything?

Can you possibly find the one in a city so big like London?

And can forgiveness and acceptance changes one view about love?


“Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world”

Daddy’s Little Girl…

Hey there!

It’s been so long since I blogged about books. I know, I know, you sort of missed me. Just so you know I haven’t had any interesting books to read for the past few weeks (or was it months?). What can I do? Anywho, I have managed to bid my time into rereading one of the works of my favorite writer— a thrilling suspense novel. Yeah, I just don’t read pure romance and the like you know, I dig this kind of genre too. 😉

Without further ado, here it is.


Gabrielle “Ellie” Cavanough was seven years old when her fifteen year old sister Andrea, was murdered. It was Ellie who found Andrea’s body and led her parents on their secret hideout , the place where Andrea and her friends secretly meet.

It was Ellie who was blamed by her parents for her sister’s death for not telling them the secret hideout the night her sister Andrea was missing and it was also Ellie’s testimony that convicted the wealthy Rob Westerfield to prison for twenty-two years.

Twenty- two years had passed, Ellie was all grown up and now works as an investigative reporter for a newspaper in Atlanta.She has done everything to stop the convicted Rob Westerfield’s approval for parole. Determined, she went back to her old hometown to dig some uncovered stories about the man who claims to be innocent.

What will happen when she uncovers another horrifying fact?
And with each discovery she made, she became closer to desperate killer who wants the past buried.


With this thrilling work of Mary Higgins Clark you will left this book unputtable in every page.


Who said?

One rainy day, when I was at a pizza house with my family. I was looking out from the glass window when I noticed a girl standing on the road . She wasn’t bothered that she was drenched or that passersby would look her way. She just stood there clutching her bag, head bent down and completely motionless. That got me really curious you know, as to why she was acting that way. What’s running on her mind and what she’s feeling. I was still making some different scenarios in my head when she suddenly looked in my direction, I didn’t know if she saw me or not. I just noticed that whatever she was thinking or have gone through she was able to looked up in the sky and smiled. And for the first time, she moved with confidence and satisfaction in the air.

That’s how this poem was made.I thought things like those only happens in books.Now, I know. And due to my curiosity and inspiration, I got the words right out from my mind and into the back of the receipt. Yes, I usually write random stuff at the back of a piece of paper. Here is how it goes.


Who said?

Who said anything about the rain so gloomy?

When all it did is to fall so endlessly.

Who said anything about the the sky so dark?

When all it does is to stretch far and wide and even bends like an arch.

Who said anything about you hurting me?

When all you did was to love me unconditionally.

Who said anything about me leaving you?

When all I did was to wait for you so patiently.

Who said anything about me crying under the rain?

When  all I did was to stand there, feeling everything but not pain.

Who said anything about you looking at an empty sky?

When all you did was to hold me under the glittering night.

Who said about us not having a happy ending?

When all we did was to love each other and starting a new beginning.

who said?

Kuroko no Basket…

It’s been ages since my last blog post. I’ve been wondering what to blog about and considering I’m pretty much bored these days that I simply don’t know what to do.

Then one day, I was rummaging my box of DVD’s when I came across, one of my favorite sports related anime. Mind you, I’m not much of a fan when it comes to this kind of genre, with a few exemptions of course, namely, Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis. This is an addition and thus,also an exemption.  The title is Kuroko no Basuke (The Basketball which Kuroko plays).

Now, If you’re a basketball fan or a basket ball junkie you’ll surely like this. As for me, I belong to the former. Kuroko no Basuke is a Japanese manga turned anime due to it’s popularity. So far, the anime already have 2 seasons. The anime’s first season was run last 2012 with 25 episodes and the second season was released just this year having the same 25 episodes. I’m still anticipating for the third season. 😀


Now, lets go to the plot.

Basketball is such a popular game that every school competes as to what team and school is the best. Among those school, Teiko Middle School rose above the rest and their regulars became so popular known as ” The Generation of Miracles”. After they graduated, these five prodigies went to different high schools with a top team. However, only few knows that there was another player of  the “Generation of Miracles”. A player that they themselves acknowledge–the phantom sixth man. Now this mysterious player is now also a fresh man at Seirin High. A new school with a powerful and little known team. Now, Kuroko Tetsuya, the phantom sixth man of the “Generation of Miracles” together with his new team mate Kagami Taiga, a naturally talented player who spent most of his middle school in America are aiming to bring their school Seirin High to be the top of Japan and for that they must take down his former team mates the “Generation of Miracles” one by one


I’m currently both reading the manga and re-watching it’s first season. It’s really good. I can’t sit still especially when Seirin (the name of the team which Kuroko plays) are  facing their opponent. As for you my dear readers, I’ll give you a the plot of this story BUT I’m not going to say anything else. EXCEPT this, Kuroko is the name of the protagonist of the series, hence, the name.  If you want to know why—find it out yourself. Give this a try you might find it enjoyable and fun. ;D

Here’s another sneak peak…

Seirin High

Shutoku High

Kaijo High

Touou High

Yosen High

Rakuzan High

And the famous Teiko Middle School’s “Generation of Miracles”

Interested enough?

Watch, read and Find out!

Go Seirin!!! 😛

Where She Went…

Hey guys! I know it’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy lately  and I don’t have much time in my hands to make a new post. Aside from that, I was also preoccupied with —-reading. (What else? ^O^)  I was waiting for a month before I laid my hands on this book and it was worth it. I thought I’ll lose myself if it was going to be delayed again. (Okay, I did lose myself for a little bit, but, hey! at least I’ve got it. Fufufufu)

Enough said, I won’t keep you any longer and I hope you’ll find the time to read this book. I also hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  ^_^


It’s been three years since the accident.

Three years since Mia walked away from Adam .

When Mia went to Julliard three years ago. Adam didn’t know that it would be the last time he’d see her. Three years had already gone by, Adam is now a huge rock star. Their band Shooting Star became phenomenal. Their album reach the number one spot on the charts. He has a beautiful model girlfriend and is living his dream. Or is he? For the past years, Adam was left hanging in the air with no reason or explanation why Mia left with one last kiss and never looked back. Why she never contacted him since then. Why she left him and what he did wrong. For years, he had kept his emotions under wrap and he never once again the same. All he wanted was to see her, even if it’s just a glimpse— but that would be impossible.

If he could see her, he would need answers to all the questions that lingered in his mind. He would need explanations, if only he could see her. He would or would he? Adam has been burdened by a secret he had kept for so long. Only he knows about it. Or so he thought.

So what happens when their paths cross again in New York City? And this time, it was Mia who approached him first. With only a few hours to spend, what will they do? what will he do?

Will he finally ask the questions that has haunted him for years?

Will he be able to hear the words he longs to hear?

In just one life-changing night will they be able to laid their past to rest?  Will both of them just move on for good? or Will they be able rekindled their first love and give it another shot?


If I Stay tells us Mia’s point of view of her out of the body experience.

In this final book of Gayle Forman Where She went. It’s now Adam’s turn to tell the tale.



” Letting go. Everyone talks about it like its the easiest thing. Unfurl your hands one by one until your hand is open.”

The Love I Prayed…

Expect the unexpected.


The Love I Prayed

We were friends
since we were kids.
The kind of friendship
we don’t want to hid.

When I am sad,
you were there to cheer me up.
When I am down,
you were the one who pulled me up.

You bring forth happiness to me
in some ways you’ll never see.
You made me feel special,
like no other girl could be.

A dear friend I am to you
but, you’re more than a friend to me.
Through the years, these feelings were hidden.
Afraid that it might become a burden.

So long it was kept but
I never once I wept.
I always enjoyed being with you
For never I time that
I feel gloom.

Until such time,
I was about to give up.
You suddenly came to me so hurriedly,
hugged me ever so gently

And said to me out of the blue:
“Could you keep me so I won’t feel blue?”


Everlasting: Book 2 …

The second book of the A Kissed by an Angel series.

Could their love be good as Everlasting?


When Ivy found out that Tristan has come to life, to come back to her, she should be happy—ecstatic even. A happy reunion isn’t even established for the both them. Tristan is on the run because he is being chased by the police. Because of what he did, breathing life back into Ivy. Tristan is now a fallen angel trapped in a body of murderer, hence, the police. And the only solution they can come up with is to clear the name of the murderer.

Lot of things are now on Ivy’s plate. Her patching things up with her ex-boyfriend Will to convince him that best friend Beth is acting totally different and she’s not what they she is. Not to mention her fallen angel boyfriend, Tristan is in deep trouble.

Running and hiding is what they must do for now. But then, there’s a glitch above all these troubles. It is not only the police they must run away from. For dark forces are also at work, leaving them both in great danger.

Scan through the pages of Elizabeth Chandler’s Everlasting and find out what happens next.




“Endings are beginnings, and beginnings are ours to turn into something good.”